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Grow Write Guild – Post 1

In an effort to get this space active again, I am grateful to Gayla Trail at You Grow Girl for her new community initiative, the Grow Write Guild. Here is an excerpt from my exercise, My First Plant:

The first plant I ever loved was a Syringa vulgaris. The common lilac. Plain, purple …and perfect. We had a mature tree right outside the front door. The branches grew over and through the banister on our front stoop. The year I fell in love with it, I was three, maybe four. I thought it was magical. A gift from the Gods.

My father was of another mind. Or maybe he wasn’t, and that’s why he cut it down.

I remember padding down the hall from my room, standing alone at the top of the stairs.  Perhaps all that perfume awakened me from my nap. Perhaps all the yelling a few minutes before. I saw sunlight pouring in through the open front door.

Then, a moment later, I saw the tussle of branches at his feet. He wasn’t cutting a bouquet. He was cutting it down. My beautiful, magical tree. He was cutting it down, to the ground, while it was BLOOMING!

In that moment, I realized I didn’t know who my father was. I was afraid of him. For the first time, truly afraid of him. And, I felt shaken. Three years old or not. Who am I, how am I worthy, the child of this man who cuts down lilac trees in their full flowering glory?

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Sarah’s Flower




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Rudbeckia hirta ‘Cherry Brandy’ (Gloriosa Daisy)



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Lilacs (Lipton’s Tea)


Here in Fort Collins, CO, spring has already become summer. The lilacs are fading and the roses and lilies are beginning to pop. In the midst of this environmental insanity (May 6th people, May 6th!!!) I wanted to honor the lilacs with this photo — ask them to last just a wee bit longer.




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